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Six Heroes.
Infinite Dimensions.

A monthly Masks: a New Generation Actual Play podcast.

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Arcadia, CA

Arcadia, California.
Where Family Matters

A bi-weekly California Gothic audio drama of small towns and Otherwordly influences.

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Breathing Space, Fading Frontier

For every star, a story.

An audio science fiction anthology.

Premiering June 4, 2021
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The Elsewhere Tarot

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Kickstarter begins June 24, 2021
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Table Top Role Playing Games

Games small and large, exploring the sharp edges of the unknown.

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Young adult, realistic fiction, fabulism, short stories, and science fiction of all stripes.

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To know the true and complete name of something is to be able to control it.

Law of Names Media is Lee Alder Ketcham Seguinte’s attempt, not to control the universe, but to understand it, by learning as many Names as he is able. Since he can’t seem to stop creating things, he’s decided to at least make a variety of interesting ones.

He finds the act of independent creation inescapable, but has come to love working in collaboration with different minds that share a common language.


Law of Names was created initially out of spite.

Now, the spite has largely faded, and the work continues out of love. Love, and the genuine and deeply-held need to translate thoughts and emotions and ideas and dreams into a form that is both tangible and visible to others. To find ways to tell the stories a younger you needed to see, and to help some people find themselves reflected back in those stories.


Lee is fairly sure he isn’t a changeling, but wouldn’t tell you if he were.

He grew up thinking that quicksand would be a much larger threat to his life than it has been, and that the primary rule of hiking is that you never take the same trail on the way back.

He loves tattoos, and honey, and pomegranates, and glitter, and realizes that he often sounds like a hipster despite his best intentions.

He has spent the majority of his creative life trying to recreate The NeverEnding Story and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie (1990).

He lives in Sacramento, California in a Freehold with his husband, another debatably Arcadian, five cats with lofty names, a dog called Ivysaur, and cages full of creepy dolls.